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The Chosen Ones: The Team That Beat LeBron tells the untold story of struggle and triumph, of setback and success, of tragedy and redemption, of the only Ohio prep basketball team to ever beat LeBron James. With honesty and humanity, first-time author Tony Meale reveals how a group of teammates, driven by their coach, forged a brotherhood and fearlessness that produced one of the most inspiring underdog stories the sports world has ever witnessed.

“This is Hoosiers meets Remember the Titans .  .  . ”
John Erardi, Cincinnati Enquirer

" .  .  . Tony Meale has told (this) story with such a keen eye and with such intimate detail that the stunning result has finally started to make sense.”
Tim Sullivan, San Diego Union-Tribune

“Tony .  .  . was fascinated by (Roger Bacon’s) accomplishment and how it had taken place. You will be, too.”
Brian Windhorst,

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